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A Call To Action

Black Tech Link has a strong committed purpose to develop, grow, and sustain impactful programming to continuously engage and uplift the communities that we serve and beyond.  Through innovative thinking and community partnerships our team is excited to  introduce a variety of virtual STEM and Business programs and activities to develop technical skills  and increase networking opportunities.

Over the next two years we will be taking a closer look at the pipeline seeking to mentor and support high school students all the way through mid career professionals.  With the support of coporate partners we are able to nurtue and retain this pipeline to help establish better futures for Black youth and professionals.

BTL is a Workforce development agency that supports Black students and professionals in growing their businesses and tech careers.   We provide tools, resources, networking, and mentorship to increase the success of Black students and established professionals as they continue to grow their careers and businesses in tech. 

Black Tech Link is a conduit for diverse , in-demand talent and the industries and jobs in need of intelligent, strong technical creatives.

Benefits of Community Membership:  Resume Reviews, Career Counseling, Free Technical Trainings, Job Search & Placement Assistance, Discounts on Conferences and Special Networking & Recruitment Events!

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BTL Pipeline Initiative

Black Tech Link has developed a methodology and framework that guides the core functions of our organization and the audience we seek to serve. Through our Pipeline Initiative Programs we break down the timeline of when job seekers start to prepare themselves to enter the workforce all the way to when they are looking to grow their role in a company.

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High Schoolers

Black Tech Link starts to take a look at the pipeline at the high school level to build long-term relationships with students as they are beginning to make critical decisions on career pathways. Our goal is to continuously mentor and engage students to think about STEM Career opportunities. Through a series of hands-on and interactive technical workshops Black Tech Link seeks to spark the curiosity and interest of high school students. 

In partnership with the National Society of Black Engineers and Zero to Necessary, BTL has developed a Year-Round Robotics Program curriculum where students can learn the fundamentals of physical computing, coding, circuitry and sensor technology. Throughout the program students will complete multiple projects with increasing difficulty. The goal is to not only expose them to STEM but to help develop a sense of belonging and achievement to encourage them to continue pursuing STEM education

Applications for the Spring 2021 Robotics Program will open November 14, 2020.

Post Secondary/Undergraduate

As high school graduates take their education to the next level by attending bootcamps, vocational schools, 2 year and 4 year institutions it can sometimes become intimidating and overwhelming. Oftentimes these educational environments may not always be nurturing for Black students which can cause students to drop out. As we take a look at this segment in the pipeline our goal is to help retain students to matriculate and prepare them for internships/jobs.

During this preparation period our goal is also to expose them to different industries, companies, and career opportunities. We also practice resume building, personal branding, and mock interviews to make them more competitive as they start to meet with prospective employers.

Early-Mid Career Professionals

As Black professionals begin to grow their careers during the first 5 years after entering the workforce after graduation, Black Tech Link provides continuous professional development and networking opportunities. Throughout the year we collaborate with industry experts to provide advanced technical and business discussions to increase business acumen and close skill gaps. We also provide soft skills leadership training to prepare professionals for mid-level/senior management roles. This includes helping professionals identify and leverage mentors internally and externally, develop negotiation skills and communication techniques. Black Tech Link also works with educational institutions and online learning platforms to provide resources for professionals to advance their education. 

Black Tech Link often collaborates with this demographic to provide mentorship to high school and collegiate students to support our pipeline initiative programs as a way to give back to our communities.